Why Domestic Wagyu Beef Lives Up to the Standard

Where’s the Real Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu is one of the breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to extraordinary marbling and to produce an increased amount of unsaturated fat , compared to other breeds. The ratio of marbling can reach the standard of 90% weight and 10% meat. Though taste is subjective, it is believed that the quality of the beef made from this animal is superior to any other A5 PREMIUM JAPANESE WAGYU BEEF, both in the tenderness and taste. The majority of it is classified at more than two grades above the best meat at home in America. United States. Wagyu beef is graded differently and employs an eleven-point scale.

High Quality American Kobe Beef in America

The most sought-after beef in Japan will score a 12 when compared to USDA prime, which is 5-6 on the same scale. Traditionally raised within Japan, Wagyu standards are far superior to the standard American born hamburger. The Japanese demand that the animal be pure in lineage and is raised for its entire life with local grasses and water. It has to be a bull or a virgin cow. The longer period of raising the animal for consumption , as well as the fact that it is scarce, contributes to the more expensive prices this kind of meat is sold at. The Japanese are famous for raising cattle with the highest level of treatment, from diet and massages.

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The majority of retail sales of the highly sought after Wagyu beef is managed by Japan. From 2009 until August. In 2012, the USDA stopped imports of meat from Japan because of the outbreak caused by Foot and Mouth Disease. Only a tiny percentage of cattle breeders within both the United States and Australia actually raise 100 % Wagyu cattle.However, this has resulted in the sale in the form of “Imposter Beef”. Japanese Wagyu cattle are bred with Angus cattle in the United States to create a crossbreed called Kobe Beef. Numerous restaurants across America claim to offer Kobe Beef. The United States claims to offer the “kobe-style” Beef product. This is not real Wagyu.

Important Tips On Raising Wagyu

Don’t be deceived. Only 100 percent fullblood Wagyu cattle can provide the meat that consumers are craving and the superior quality they’re expecting. The consumer should be aware that a lot of Kobe beef sold online is in reality a 50 percent breeding fake.

In addition, many wholesalers are selling low-density Wagyu products at much lower cost. These lesser quality Wagyu products don’t measure in the same way as the premium standards established by Japan and fall on the lower end of the twelve-point grade scale. Typically , these authentic