How can the lines and marks on your palms tell you about your future? Whether you’re just curious or are interested in having your palm read, this handy guide can help you decode what the lines and marks on your hands mean when from the best palm reading online.

The Thumb

The thumb represents the power of self-expression. It is said that the person who will be most successful in life is the one who can best express themselves. Therefore, when someone grabs your thumb and tells you to listen to them, it may not be a good idea to do so.

The Index Finger

The index finger is typically associated with the power of communication. It is also a symbol of independence and the know-how to take care of oneself. Some might say that the index finger is responsible for one’s intelligence and comprehension, but this can vary depending on culture. In many Western cultures, people point with their index fingers to show others where they want them to go or what they want them to see. Keep on reading to get the best palm reading online.

The Middle Finger

The middle finger is often used to indicate general contempt, insult, and an obscene gesture. In the United States, displaying the middle finger is also a symbol of resistance against authority figures.

One reason why this gesture is so powerful is because it represents a phallus. In some cultures, and religions, the phallus is seen as an instrument of evil and anger. By flipping someone off with their fingers, they are insulting them with a part of their body that is seen as an instrument of evil.