Unlimited option of eco-friend electric cars

Varied types of electric cars are available to meet the varied demand of buyers. The increasing rate of fuel like diesel and petrol has made many opt for electric cars. There are varied options of electric cars for sale in san diego. The function of the electric mainly depends on the type of electric car.

Available option:

An electric car mainly has a large capacity for the battery as well as electric motors for propulsion. There is no need for petrol or any kind of fuel to run the electric car. This car has a battery pack that allows it to charge even at home and the workplace.

The greater benefit of the HEVs is they generally lower consumption of the fuel. The electric components give power to the auxiliary device and serve as a boost for acceleration.

There is also the option of the plug-in form of a hybrid electric car where the internal combustion of the engine is combined with that of an electric motor as well as a battery. The size of battery is much smaller but larger compared to conventional hybrids.

They can cover up to 70 miles in the case of the electric mode and in terms of speed they have around 80 mph. apart from this, they can be charged by an engine which makes it possible to use the energy recouped generated from braking. PHEV’s battery allows it to plug in and recharge. The important aspect to be kept in mind while using them on a long drive is to make sure of the power station.

A mild form of the electric car has a small electric motor along with the battery which provides the additional power required amount to the engine or auxiliary systems. They have an economy boost compared to the conventional car that is powered with the use of fuel mainly in the short stop and start in driving situations.

Fuel cell form of electric car can be used by converting the hydrogen into fuel and later the fuel cell will be transformed into electricity. They emit vapor which makes them eco-friendly when they are used.